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Welcome and thanks for visiting our page. My name is Cathy, I started twisting balloons for my son as a hobby 12 years ago.  My love of twisting and creating happiness through balloons was so fulfilling that I used every opportunity in our daily lives to share the joy... play dates, cub scouts, you name it! After a while, I was being asked to twist for others and actually getting paid to have all that fun! It was at that point my hobby and love of balloons turned into a legitimate career. Adding balloon décor to the list of services was a natural progression over time.

Creative Balloons by Cathy became incorporated in 2015, expanding beyond a one gal operation working from home. Our company now has a cute little warehouse located in Camarillo where our staff creates some really fun stuff! 
As far as formal education and experience, I have a degree in Fine Art, a digital arts, interactive design and animation background. I had the opportunity to teach preschool for 5 years while my son was little.
It is the culmination of my formal education, creative background and working with children that made Creative Balloons the perfect fit and ultimate career. We continue to educate ourselves through conventions, classes, workshops and are involved in many balloon industry groups to stay up on the latest trends, technology and to be connected with the balloon community.

I love what we do, I love that balloons bring instant happiness and we at Creative Balloons would love the opportunity to make your event really special. 



 A little write up about the evolution of Creative Balloons in Voyage LA  magazine

An interesting tidbit about balloons...

Balloons are Earth friendly!!! YES, thats right... it takes forests of oxygen producing rubber trees to produce latex. Latex is harvested much like maple syrup and the tree is not harmed in the process. Latex balloons are 98.5% biodegradable and decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf. Next time you're decorating for an event, consider sustainable and natural balloons!!

© Creative Balloons by Cathy, 2022

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